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This has many uses but its chief use is to grab a hidden window that you see from the task bar but just doesn’t seem available on your screen.
There are a few reasons a window may be hidden (some nefarious) but a few major causes are:
1. Accidentally dragging it (usually pre windows 7)
2. Messing with my monitor settings
3. My monitor is off/dead

PS – This is my first How-To here so bear with me…the steps and groups?? Huh? I’m sure it will be fine. 🙂

3 Steps total

Step 1: Find which window

From your taskbar, you click on a window but it just doesn’t appear on the screen. Minimize, Restore…don’t seem to be helping from the taskbar.

Yes, you could close it and re-open but if for some reason you just want the window back…and it may well just open off screen again.

1. Click on the taskbar icon of the window you are trying to access to get the window’s ‘Focus’

Step 2: Move the window

2a. OK, the old school method follows below. With newer versions of Microsoft OS, you can stop here and hold down Shift + Windows Key then use one of the Arrow Keys to move the window around to different windows (this is the quicker and preferred method)

Old school continued…
2b. Press the keyboard keys Alt + Space (you can practice with a viewable window).

This will cause most Microsoft OS windows to bring up the Windows Control menu. This is the same menu you can get by clicking the upper left of the window (and some that you may not be able to click).

3. Press M (for Move)
If you could see it, your mouse cursor will jump to the window and change to the shape of a Cross with Arrows
*NOTE: If the window is full size, it may not give the option to Move. In this case, Press R (Restore) to put the window in its Non-Maximized state

4. Press one of your arrow keys once. This should cause a Window Frame to appear around the window with the mouse cursor.
You can then move your mouse around until it shows up on your viewable screen.

*NOTE: You could use your arrow keys continually to move the window but it is somewhat time consuming AND you may not know from which direction the window will need to be moved. Moving your mouse pell-mell all across your monitor is much more fun.