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När man har flera mappar öppna samtidigt för att snabbt kunna växla mellan dessa så händer det ibland att Windows stänger ner alla utom 1st.

Följande steg kan testas

Possibility #1

If the folder is deleted or moved explorer windows will close themselves. Are these folders being manipulated in anyway?

Possibility #2

The other possibility is explorer having too many files open at once. A good fix for this is to enable “Launch folder Windows in a separate Process”. It’s a little know feature of windows that allows the machine to separate file/folder access from the Explorer GUI process (been around since XP).

It can be found under Control Panel > File Explorer Options > “View” Tab > Launch folder Windows in a separate Process

Possibility #3

Alternatively, you can check to make sure that explorer hasn’t become corrupted.

  1. Launch an administrator commandline (Win + X) -> Press “A”
  2. Click yes to accept the UAC prompt
  3. Type this command “sfc /scannow” (without the quotes)